Unicorn: uncontestable random number beacon

A very brief description of unicorn can be found here.

Latest random number ( Beacon n˚ 78941 ). A new random number is displayed approximately once every ten minutes. The most recently generated random number was displayed at 2022-01-03 19:20:27 CET. It is (in hexadecimal)


Visit the list of archived numbers for everything required to verify the correctness of this number (and the ones generated earlier). How this verification can be done can be found here; helpful programs are available here.

Verification. Click here to access the verification page

Next random number ( Beacon n˚ 78942 ), commitment published. The computation of the next random number started at 2022-01-03 19:20:00 CET; the result will usually be displayed nine minutes later at most. It is no longer possible to contribute entropy to it because its commitment was already published as

with these seed messages, this n-value and encrypted image, and this preview image: for an explanation how this works check out the full paper and the source code.

Second next random number ( Beacon n˚ 78943 ), and contributing entropy. The computation of the second next random number will start at 2022-01-03 19:30:00 CET. There are two ways to contribute entropy to the second next random number (entropy that has already been contributed can be seen here):

  • By sending a tweet with hashtag #unicorn_beacon (due to twitter delays tweets may not be taken into account if sent too briefly before the start time; 30 seconds should still work).
  • By first entering at most 256 characters in the first box and the correct number in the second box, and by next clicking on send:

    4*(8 - 2):
You can repeat either step as many times as you like. Even if there is just a single person that you trust who contributes an amount of entropy that you find adequate, then you can trust the second next random number.